Here’s how you can refer and earn, it’s easy!

There are no earning limits, feel free to invite any number of people, and you will be rewarded immediately when they pay the activation fee!

Step 1

With SOLmate you can refer and earn, for every active client you refer you can earn a cash reward.

Step 2

Register friends and family using your SOLmate link, or enter the invite code in the Rewards section of the SOLmate app.

Step 3

Encourage your friends and family to spend on their cards or through the digital wallet that way you can earn up to R5 every month, the more clients transact the more you earn too.

Step 4

Keep up to date with the latest SOLmate products and features to make sure you get the most out of your account.

R40/R10 for every referral 

Get R20/R5 to start your SOLmate account

Want to earn even more?

Interested in a side hustle that could become your main business? Become a SOLmate agent, earn and stable income and enjoy the benefits of being your own boss.