My card was declined in a shop

First of all, check your SOL Card balance.

Note that you have two different balances: your SOLmate app balance and your SOL Card balance. The Card comes with a zero balance. You need to load money onto your card from your SOLmate app ZARs balance before you can swipe or withdraw:

  • Tap the card image on the Accounts screen
  • Tap Load button
  • Enter the amount and confirm the transfer (note the load fee)

There are a few other reasons why your card might have been declined:

  • you did not set your card PIN inside the SOLmate app
  • you inserted your card incorrectly: chip should be inserted face up and inside the card machine
  • your card was not activated inside the SOLmate app

If you fail to indentify the reason or to fix it, do not hesitate to contact our customer care team via in-app Chat or Whatsapp.